How to find – and maintain – joy and positivity in your life

It’s the Spring Equinox and I’m full of seasonal energy! In celebration of this I wanted to share with you my tips for creating joy and positivity into your life.

For ease I’ve made it tick box list so that you can easily bring it to mind. Remember that there are many ‘wellbeing wheel’ posts and the most important things is to adapt it to what makes sense for you and your life.

Here are my top 8 recommendations for balanced health and wellbeing..


Getting to know the landscape of your own mind, in situations easy and difficult, is probably THE most valuable things you can do. It takes a little practice, but with time you can gain great insight into your own personal mind-body-emotional connections. Once you begin to become more aware of these things you are already beginning skills of prevention and mental wellbeing


Caring for the whole body in terms of general physical wellness is always a good idea, no matter what you enjoy. Whether it’s going to the gym, playing tennis or finding a dance class it’s all VERY good for the physical body and also the mind. In this section I would include time to prioritise nutrition, sleep, menopause, weight and so on.


Giving attention to your own value system and to what offers true meaning in your life is vitally important. A good way to check in with yourself is to question what makes your heart sing or feel heavy? What nurtures you and what depletes you? What feels lost and needs to be brought back into your life centre stage?


As an ex-interior designer, I consider the environment important, VERY important. Be it your home, your work space or even where you live, it can all impact feelings of wellness. You don’t need to move house but clearing clutter or finishing longstanding things on the ‘to do’ list can make a huge difference to how you feel within your environment and life going forward.


Having purpose in life is a key ingredient for self esteem. Offering focus to something other than ourselves and being part of a group of people, remotely or in-person, paid or unpaid, can make a huge difference to feelings of self worth both in the short and long term.


People need people and connection with friends, family, community, work colleagues, neighbours, evening class friends is essential to cultivating happiness. Communicating, meeting and participating in shared activities makes us feel like we belong and are included. Keep up or create your social connections!


Turning a blind eye to our practical needs can cause worry in our lives. Whether it’s addressing finances or getting an MOT or booking the vet, taking control of the practical things in life helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and fear.


Where possible ring fencing time for hobbies and interests. Be it walking in nature, creative writing, renovating a motorbike or embarking on a class maintaining a broad sense of personal growth is good for the soul and good for overall selfcare.

Keeping all 8 of these areas in balance can sometimes feel challanging. My best recommendation is to ensure that you have to time for yourself, time to pause, and during this time sense into how you are feeling. What is serving you in your life and what isn't?

In the wheel of your life, what small things can you adjust to keep the joy and positivity radiating in?

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This article is written by Georgie from Time For The Mind. If you're interested in mindfulness, wellbeing or grief support for you or your organisation please book a call


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