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Hi I’m Georgie

23 years ago I was working as a producer for a large corporate company, I was happy in my job and had lots of drive and enthusiasm to run my projects. I worked hard and had fun. Until that point nothing difficult or sad had ever happened to me.

And then I experienced a sudden and close bereavement.

It became clear that I had no skills to navigate these huge life events and neither did my manager or the HR department. Few people had any idea what to do, how to talk to me or what to offer to support me …

I was offered 2 weeks off which I took and then I started to receive phone calls wondering what was wrong and when was I coming back. I tried to go back and remember sitting at my desk with colleagues around me having no clue how I was supposed to focus or engage. Then I took another 2 weeks off.

I ended up going back to work but this lack of care had changed everything for me and I began to question my loyalty and hard work for a company that didn’t look after their employees.

“They were good at nights out in the pub, fantastic at lavish annual parties, great at training in computer skills but there was no well-being support of any kind. No skills training for health, mental health or bereavement of any kind.”

After a while, I decided to retrain and set up an interior design and well-being practice. I loved the combination of creativity, close client relationships and problem solving. With almost every client I was hearing experiences of life problems, work stress, self employment challenges and family issues.

Often my clients would say that the time spent with me felt therapeutic. After 10 years of running my own company I eventually realised that I was more fascinated by my clients lives than the interiors work and so I began a deep, deep dive into mindfulness, mental health and well-being.

Ultimately, all my different life skills and work experiences have pointed me in the direction of supporting other business owners and HR leaders in providing professional mental health support to themselves and their businesses.

Now I am a mindfulness teacher, mental health advocate and grief counsellor. Being a small business owner and a mum as well, I understand that it can be challenging to juggle all the demands of work and life.

It has never felt more important than now, resetting after the Covid pandemic and with so many on-going global events, to offer the robust and science backed skills of mindfulness to help maintain mental wellness and navigate all the ups and downs of life.

If this is of interest to you and you would like to talk more or try a mindfulness session then please get in touch.

My experience and training includes:

  •  Mindfulness Based Interventions (MBI with Sussex Mindfulness Centre) . Teaching is maintained with regular supervision.
  • Compassionate Leadership Training (Sussex Mindfulness Centre)
  • Strategy and implementation guidance – ‘Do workplace health, mental health and wellbeing right’
  • Advanced Deepening and Extending Mindfulness for Life
  • Mental Health First Aider – Trained by MHFA England
  • Bereavement counsellor with CRUSE Bereavement Support. Coaching is maintained with regular supervision and CPD training.
  • SafeTALK and ASSIST Suicide Awareness with Grassroots Suicide Prevention

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Many thanks for a comprehensive, fully mindful, experience yesterday evening. Your voice and confidence created a safe space for us to explore the topic of mindfulness in practice. To achieve that on Zoom is remarkable! It was a profound experience and I had fabulous feedback. We are always keen to emphasise self-care and renewing skills, this supported our training perfectly. My very best wishes to you and thanks.

CRUSE Chichester, Group CPD training