Hi I’m Georgie ..

At the age of 29 I experienced sudden bereavement by suicide. The landscape of HR and workforce well-being was extremely different then and the lack of understanding and support was stark. Ultimately, this experience took me out of the corporate environment and led me to re-train first in interiors and well-being and then very specifically in mindfulness teaching, wellbeing and grief guidance.

Having practiced yoga for many  years I knew about meditation but it was the term mindfulness that had captured my interest – this ‘training of the mind’. I knew that I still had elements of  complicated and traumatic grief and I wanted to see if it was possible for me to address this myself.  I embarked on a mindfulness course and I was immdediately fascinated. Over time, I became aware that certain patterns of repetitve thinking, not unusual for bereavement by suicide, was much better. I had learnt to notice and manage my own feelings and emotions on a micro personal level. The skills of mindfulness had been a total game changer for me.

Not only did these skills help with trauma and bereavement but they helped manage the myriad of ups and downs of life and work. The prospect of difficult feelings and situations didn’t concern me in the same way any longer. My self confidence was back with a stronger understanding of myself, my own self care needs and my way of understanding the world significantly changed.

Additinally, I knew mindfulness was a science backed discipline with more than 45 years of research and evidence behind it. It was robust and safe and taught by highly exerpience and accomplished teachers from both clinical and Buddhist backgrounds.

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  • Mindfulness Teacher Training (MBI) with Sussex Mindfulness Centre (NHS Partnership). Main trainers were Dr Taravajra, Ruth Sequeira, Dr Bridgette O’Neill, Robert Marx, Clara Strauss. I am also part of the mindfulness advocate team.
  • Grief Guide – CRUSE Bereavement Support and SDC commitee member.
  • Safeguarding Training (on-going)
  • CPD training in all areas of life, death, health and mental health + supervision (on-going)
  • Mental Health First Aider – MHFA England
  • SafeTALK and ASIST Suicide Awareness
  • Compassionate Leadership training (NHS)
  • Advanced Deepening and Extending Mindfulness for Life
  • Reiki 1

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Many thanks for a comprehensive, fully mindful, experience yesterday evening. Your voice and confidence created a safe space for us to explore the topic of mindfulness in practice. To achieve that on Zoom is remarkable! It was a profound experience and I had fabulous feedback. We are always keen to emphasise self-care and renewing skills, this supported our training perfectly. My very best wishes to you and thanks.

CRUSE Chichester, Group CPD training