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Hi I’m Georgie Payne. As a small business owner and a mum I understand that it can be challenging to juggle all the demands of work and life.

Maintaining mental wellness and developing a skillset for resilence has become central to business life. This has never felt more appropriate than now, resetting after the Covid pandemic and navigating many global events.

I am a Mindfulness & Mental Health Coach delivering training to clients to help better manage the pressures of demanding workloads, alleviate symptoms of stress and potential to burnout and to simply calm the mind and body. I also advise on identifying and understanding mental health issues in workplace and strategies to deliver positive mental health initiatives to employees.

My experience and training includes:

  • Mindfulness Based Interventions (MBI with NHS Trust in Sussex) This training involves skills-based learning approaches, giving me the ability to apply the theory and practice in real life settings. This methodology deepens my understanding of the subject and creates new habits which positively impact me and those around me.
  • Advanced Deepening and Extending Mindfulness for Life
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • Mental Health First Aider – Trained by MHFA England
  • Bereavement counsellor (voluntary) with CRUSE Bereavement Support working 1:1 with clients. This qualification is maintained with regular supervision and CPD training covering topics such as safeguarding, mental health awareness, working with trauma and more.
  • SafeTALK and ASSIST Suicide Awareness – Trained by Grassroots Suicide Prevention

In addition to running my own business, I have worked in the corporate sector in various large media organisations and agencies.

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Many thanks for a comprehensive, fully mindful, experience yesterday evening. Your voice and confidence created a safe space for us to explore the topic of mindfulness in practice. To achieve that on Zoom is remarkable! It was a profound experience and I had fabulous feedback. We are always keen to emphasise self-care and renewing skills, this supported our training perfectly. My very best wishes to you and thanks.

CRUSE Chichester, Group CPD training