The first feelings of well-being start with the act of seeking help

Have you noticed that there’s a lot out there called ‘Interior Design and Wellbeing’. It’s bang on trend it seems, how does it happen, how do we get more of it and how do we make it last? I’m reading something right now that I love the idea of; sweet smelling spaces, light filled rooms, relaxed feelings. We can all gain a little bit from this, and that can’t be bad, but as the founder of an interior design and wellbeing practice I have to be honest, sometimes I feel a little underwhelmed because it really doesn’t get to the nub of things.

My experience allows me to say, with confidence, that most of my clients would be thinking ‘I’d like that but HOW do I first achieve the changes that I would like to make? How can I make long lasting positive changes to my property without feeling overwhelmed? How do I create the rooms where I will light the aromatherapy candle and genuinely feel good?’

The first feelings of well-being start with the act of seeking help

And that’s the point. What I notice is that the first feelings of well-being start with the act of seeking help from someone like me, it continues through the process of change or renovation and ends with a client’s style and choices being played out in their property, in whatever way they need.

A great sense of happiness comes from the interior designer’s relationship with their client. Transforming properties is a very in-depth and personal process and it’s not for the faint hearted!

We are the people that will help navigate the process.

• We take a genuine interest in who the clients are
• We help explore ideas
• Aid discussion with a partner or family members
• Review the architects plans
• Talk to the builder
• Be honest about how to get through the upheaval
• We preserve focus and inspiration right to the very end for the ‘fun colour work’ so that when the decorators turn up the client doesn’t just look ashen and tell them to do whatever they like because you’re totally over it! (Honestly, it happens).

Most of us wouldn’t spend money on a car without researching it or implement a marketing plan without planning it. An interior design project is absolutely the same. Your property is probably the single most expensive thing you own and I would imagine that your budget for interiors work is a precious pot of money, so why wouldn’t you spend it wisely on a plan that fits your needs and provides positive, well thought through changes to your life? Changes that will make you and your family feel better.

Interior Design and Well-being is about being offered support, planning and creativity.

It’s the result of good work done together that allows the client to breathe a huge sigh of relief when they step into their home.

And at the end of all of that, it certainly is an absolutely pleasure to add the finishing touches; hang the art, position the plants, light the candles in the knowledge that it’s all gone really rather well.

NEW for 2019

I’ve tried to go even further to help you with your decisions. I’ve simplified my services pages< so that’s there’s something for everyone. Below gives you an idea of what I offer

• Design Consultation
• Springboard into Action
• House Doctoring
• Concepts, Colours & Illustrations – Room and Property

See you next time!