What do you do for timeout or downtime?

I’ve been pondering on mental health awareness week and my main thoughts are around simplicity, balance and downtime.

Can you take 5 minutes with yourself to discover what things you can do to shift the dial of your mental health from low to ok or from ok to fair, fair to good…

Perhaps silence those emails, re-address your schedule, get pragmatic with the priorities, get boundaried about accessing news, ask for some help, step outside your working environment – there are many good choices that can be made.

What I need is a small amount of time away to mentally put things down.

Call it what you will, proactive rest, selfcare, self serving time, the point is it’s essential to physically and mentally STOP. We are not machines and for short and long term health we need genuine rest, time to refocus, to reconnect the bigger picture of life, nature and the world, to get realigned your own personal values. The resonance of this kindness to ourselves is that it helps to keep matters in perspective and it helps us to be kinder to others.

So after a fair bit of life juggling, I headed on a solo road trip to Dorset, for a few day’s hiking and exploring and a night’s camping. Linked to the time away was the feeling that I wanted to bit of female empowerment time, just to know I could go, to know I could do good tent handling and that I could read an OS map!

The mini trip involved all the things I love

I don’t always go away when I need timeout.

All of this has helped to restore my sense of balance, groundedness and inspiration for life going forward.

How about you, what do you do for downtime?


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