It’s easy and it’s essential for you and your loved ones

Never has it felt more important to see our homes as a haven. With a busy work/life balance and worries over corona virus to name a few , it feels essential for us all to feel like we can escape to home.

And it’s not such an implausible idea. A day at a spa is very appealing but actually we now know that this is really only putting the sprinkles on the trifle, so to speak, and as soon as we step away from the spa many of our daily worries simply descend again. What is really needed for long lasting, positive effects on our lives is a regular, daily routine of wellness in a place that we feel safe and happy in. The most obvious place for this is in our homes.

What’s needed is a regular, daily routine of well-ness in a place that we feel safe and happy in.

Creating a property that looks good and feels right is a brilliant first step. Where possible decorate to bring a feeling of ease into the home. Remember to consider the senses, the effect of colour and texture on how you feel, the presence of light (both natural and artificial), introduce living plants and play to all your practical needs as well.

Equally important is introducing time for restorative practices in your home. Work out when can you introduce time for contemplation and where might you carry this out in your home. Be it time alone, reading, music, art, meditation or gentle movement, a cosy corner is all you need.

Introduce time for contemplation and consider where might you carry this out in your home

Think ‘home spa’ – why not give yourself the things that make you feel better on a daily basis. Offer yourself and your loved ones some simple care and attention by taking a soak with your favourite smellies, a gentle foot massage only takes minutes or offer yourself some reiki for self-care. All of these things can be extended out to all the family. I know my kids absolutely LOVE to be wrapped in soft towels, played gentle music and given something delicious to eat or drink. Who wouldn’t?!

If you’re not sure how to introduce any of these activities in to your life, tap into the buoyant online world of yoga classes, meditation apps, healthy living videos and any number of art and design classes. We can all be fully equipped to thoroughly look after all aspects of bodies and minds.

From my own experience, I can recommend some amazing local Sussex people. You can find them in person and online

Creating a home haven has got to be the ultimate way to feel better. We all have at least some of things to hand, so why not give yourself this ultimate gift of time, relaxation and pampering.

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