Since setting up Time for the Mind I have worked with a wide variety of businesses, entrepreneurs and professional service providers who have been kind enough to share their feedback here.


Many thanks for a comprehensive, fully mindful, experience yesterday evening. Your voice and confidence created a safe space for us to explore the topic of mindfulness in practice. To achieve that on Zoom is remarkable! It was a profound experience and I had fabulous feedback. We are always keen to emphasise self-care and renewing skills, this supported our training perfectly. My very best wishes to you and thanks.

CRUSE (Volunteer Hubs), CPD trainings by zoom and in-person

Thank you very much indeed for the session. Feedback from delegates has been great with participants very much enjoying the chance to share thoughts together in a small group and practice the skills of mindfulness and found you very engaging and knowledgeable.

Hurstpierpoint College (Staff), In-person

Georgie delivered a series of mindfulness sessions to our Sibling Link group.

In a short space of time I found the sessions quite transformative. I feel more relaxed, grounded and in the present moment. It has been like opening a window on what is actually happening NOW. The world feels more amazing and I have realised how much I am normally thinking about what I need to do next or what has happened in the past. I feel more centred and present.

The way the sessions were delivered and the language used was clear, calm and focused. The length of the sessions were just right. As a group or community, it felt important to be practicing together.

Thank you so, so much!

R King (Founder), Sibling Link

Slowly but very surely, working with Georgie as my Mindfulness coach has been transformational.

AP, Private 121 Coachee

As a business owner in the events sector, the last couple of years have been particularly tough – our sector was one of the few that was legally ‘closed’ but surprisingly unsupported by any of the specific industry financial packages. This left me, and many others, scrabbling around trying to innovate to pay the wages and keep things rolling until covid restrictions started to lift and our industry could re-ignite. As restrictions did lift, we faced a huge mountain of work but with significantly less people to achieve it and as such burn out has become very real to many in our industry.

EventsProfs are brilliant at ‘getting away with it’ and putting on a show and in our work lives that is brilliant but in our personal lives that is a recipe for a breakdown.

Georgie started coaching me in Mindfulness after the first wave of initial burnouts were happening around me, and as I became aware that if I didn’t find some positive micro measures to reinstall into my life, that I would head in much the same direction. The small but incremental pauses that Georgie and I started working into my day to day existence, even when I didn’t think I had time, were so beneficial in supporting my mental health over the last few months.

L Kiwanuka (Director), OpsNest

As a busy MD of a medium-size company, I have benefited hugely from mindfulness sessions with Georgie. She has helped me to better appreciate how an informed and regular mindfulness practice can enhance one’s capacity to deal with daily challenges, both on personal and professional settings. Georgie is knowledgeable on the subject and has been a pleasure to learn from. Highly recommended.

A Gajewski , (MD) AGFS Social Services

Working with Georgie across a 6 week curriculum was incredibly practical and impactful. As a professional coach and psychologist myself, I know that mindfulness is a good concept, but I have been guilty of not really engaging in it properly until now. With Georgie’s amazing guidance, I finally got to immerse myself in Mindfulness and the benefits have been wide ranging. It particularly helped me slow down and build pauses into my busy work schedule, helped with looking at work/life balance and, at times, fine tuned my concentration.

G Cole, (Director) Archipelo Coaching

I found this very beneficial. With a 6yr old in the house, ‘alone time’ is a rare commodity. I aim to try some mindfulness prior to bedtime, hoping to relax her mind, as well as mine and to get her to focus on the good things the day has brought.

It was difficult to switch off my thoughts and will practice mindfulness. Thank you for guiding me in the process. Although my breath felt forced at times, I was more aware of myself within the physical body. Very relaxing and I would like more.

Thank you. I would definitely come again!

Hurst Festival, Group Community Practice