Managing grief, loss & change

Grief and bereavment are very close to my heart. I first experienced profound and life changing grief 23 years ago.

At the time, it felt like there was little support and few skills to help. Now the landscape of grief and bereavement is different, conversations are more open and eloquent, communities more equipped to look after each other, HR teams and workplaces are trained in how to notice and support those who have suffered loss and, crucially, mental health awareness is very much at the front of people’s minds.

Recently I experienced another bereavement and whilst the sadness and enormity of the event was overwhelming at times, it was clear that I felt a safety and confidence in how to relate to my experience that did not exist before. Mindflness can not change our feelings and emotions but it can help naviagate them with skill.

I am a mindfulness and well-being coach and I am also a grief support with CRUSE. These two areas of my work go hand in hand and are well suited to each other. The skills of mindfulness can allow us to navigate the small and large changes that happen in life, be it a myriad of every day emotions or the bigger feelings of grief.

I work with individuals and groups to listen actively and compassionately, to find a way to gently  ‘be’ with our feelings just as they and, perhaps with time, to begin to accept bereavement. All of my professional skills are maintained by ongoing CPD (continuing professinal development) and supervision.


  • Compassionate Leadership

  • Accredited mindfulness coach

  • MHFA England

  • Experienced grief support CRUSE

  • Trained in suicide prevention

  • Health & Safety knowledge

  • Continual CPD training & supervision


  • Compassionate Listening

  • Finding Stillness

  • Sensing into the body

  • Settling with the breath

  • Mindful self compassion

  • Being with difficult emotions


  • Compassionate Listening

If you would like more information or are interested in joining a mindfulness and grief group please email me.