Managing grief, loss & change

The topics of grief and bereavement are very close to my heart. I first experienced profound and life changing grief 23 years ago. Without a doubt, my own lived experience of this event has led to me to the work I do now.

Regardless of the fact that we will ALL experience bereavement in our lifetimes, maybe multiple times and in many different ways, the provision both in society and in the workplace for grief and bereavement awareness training and support is minimal. Yet hopefully it is changing.

Conversations need to become more open and eloquent, communities better equipped to look after each other, HR teams and workplaces trained in how to notice and support those who have suffered loss. It plays a significant role in the ease or dis-ease of mental health.

I am hopeful that the unsupported and ill-educated days of how to care for a bereaved person or family are heading into the shadows. The only way to do this is by offering uptodate education, learning and on-going support.

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