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Change happens in every moment. Whether it’s moving from thought to thought or switching between conversations to adapting to redundancy, divorce, illness or bereavement change is part of life.

Mindfulness is learning how to relate differently to ourselves and the world around us. It helps navigate the enevitable ups and downs of life and brings a greater sense of joy, health and balance.

Whether you’re an individual who needs support, business owner or HR director I will work with you to create focused well-being solutions that teach life long skills and offer positive results for you and your business.

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What’s New? Spring Mini Retreat..

Finding the pause both inside and outside of work couldn’t be more important.

Whether you’re looking for something in-house or out in nature, a few hours or a few days, I would be delighted to work with you to plan and design an event that is 100% bespoke and unique for you or your business. I love to combine mindfulness with fellow complementary practioners and creatives alike to offer clients the best in wellness experiences.

Come and harness the very essence of Spring with the mini retreat set in the heart of Sussex – combine sensory mindful relaxation and aromatherapy…


With mindfulness at the core, I offer various and flexible training options a flavour of which you will find below. Training can be adapted for individuals and groups, in-person and online. To find out more,  book your FREE 30 mintue discovery call now!


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Grief, Loss & Change 


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Prioritise mental wellness

“Looking after mental health in business is simply good business and the right thing to do” Mark Henick, CEO of Strategic Mental Health Solutions

Any significant change can bring about stress. Post pandemic, we’re seeing a higher level of burnout as well as feelings of isolation, disruption and mental un-wellness.

With the busy-ness of our work lives and shifts towards hybrid working patterns, the ability to remain grounded, and to be fully present, becomes ever more challenging.

I offer long term, strategic health and mental health solutions to help navigate our changing professional and personal lives.

Grief, Loss & Change

When difficult times in our lives happen we can be ill prepared to deal them. Often we don’t understand how to navigate significant life events and we can feel out of control, overwhelmed and low in mood.

The resonance of these times can effect not just ourselves but also our families, carers and friends.

The skills of mindfulness offer a new perspective, self reliance and confidence to deal with these difficult times of change.

The benefits of mindfulness at work

“We spend more time working than anything else and yet we are the least happy of our lives” Mindfulness Initiative

Offering high quality, long lasting life skills for mental wellness and resilience at work is the way to actively look after your business and your employees or community.

Scientific research shows that mindfulness training has positive effects in many areas of work and life including:

  • Greater positive outlook – maintaining mental well-being

  • Continuous sense of calm

  • Better work – life balance

  • Greater concentration, ability to manage tasks and make decisions

  • Managing stress effectively

  • Helps to build and maintain workplace community

What’s the story?

It all started 23 years ago. I was happy in my job and had lots of drive and enthusiasm. I worked hard and had lots of fun. Few difficult or upsetting things had ever happened to me.

And then I experienced a sudden and close bereavement and, some years later, redundancy.

It became clear that I had no skills to navigate these huge life events and neither did the corporate I worked for.  Few people had any idea what to do, how to talk to me or what to offer to support me …

“Working with Georgie across an 8 week curriculum was incredibly practical and impactful. With her amazing guidance, I finally got to immerse myself in mindfulness and the benefits have been wide ranging. Having a pressured work life it particularly helped me to slow down and build pauses into my busy work schedule, it helped with looking at work/life balance and fine tuned my concentration.”

Mindfulness client

“Georgie started coaching me in Mindfulness after the effects of Covid hit my industry and first wave of initial burnouts were happening around me. Gradually I found positive micro measures to install into my working life. The small but incremental pauses that Georgie helped me find were so beneficial in supporting my mental health over the last 6 months.”

Mindfulness client