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Mindfulness & Mental Health

Workforce wellbeing for Sussex businesses

Prioritise the mental wellness of your people

“Looking after mental health in business is simply good business and the right thing to do” Mark Henick, CEO of Strategic Mental Health Solutions

In this post Covid world it has never been more important to address the long term health of all of your workforce.

Mindfulness can help create and maintain a happy, relaxed and productive workforce. It can help increase resilience and improve staff engagement.

Post pandemic levels of stress and burnout in the workforce is increasingly dramatically, as are feelings of isolation, disruption and mental un-wellness. With the busy-ness of our work lives and shifts towards flexible and hybrid working patterns, the ability to remain grounded, and to be fully present, becomes ever more challenging.

Don’t let unsupported employee mental health let your business down.



The positive benefits of mindfulness at work

“We spend more time working than anything else and yet we are the least happy of our lives” Mindfulness Initiative

Offering high quality, long lasting life skills for mental wellness and resilience at work is the way to actively look after your business and your employees or community.

Scientific research shows that mindfulness training has positive effects in many areas of work and life including:

  • Greater positive outlook – maintaining mental well-being

  • Continuous sense of calm

  • Better work – life balance

  • Greater concentration, ability to manage tasks and make decisions

  • Managing stress effectively

  • Helps to build and maintain workplace community



“As a busy MD of a medium-size company,  Georgie has helped me to better appreciate how an informed and regular mindfulness practice can enhance one’s capacity to deal with daily working pressures, both on personal and professional setting”

Whether you work in high pressured and demanding environment or not, weather you’re a CEO, head of HR or an intern,  mindfulness is accessible to all. It is available to everyone given a little time and focus.

I offer mindfulness training at all levels from core foundational skills upwards, group work and 121 sessions. Much of my training spans an 8 week time frame and involves some personal practice.

  • Level 1 – Resilience & Well-being
  • Level 2 – Stress & Burnout
  • Level 3 – Bespoke Coaching
  • Level 4 – In House



What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a robust, evidence backed training of the mind that can help reduce sickness and improve staff engagement.

“Mindfulness means paying attention to what’s going on in the mind, body and environment in any given moment moment, with an attitude of curiosity and kindness” Adapted Jon Kabat-Zinn


“Working with Georgie across an 8 week curriculum was incredibly practical and impactful. With her amazing guidance, I finally got to immerse myself in mindfulness and the benefits have been wide ranging. Having a pressured work life it particularly helped me to slow down and build pauses into my busy work schedule, it helped with looking at work/life balance and fine tuned my concentration.”

Mindfulness client

“Georgie started coaching me in Mindfulness after the effects of Covid hit my industry and first wave of initial burnouts were happening around me. Gradually I found positive micro measures to install into my working life. The small but incremental pauses that Georgie helped me find were so beneficial in supporting my mental health over the last 6 months.”

Mindfulness client